Year of the Tiger “Predictions”

ROAR!  Yep, it’s the Year of the Tiger starting Feb 1, 2022!

And yep, it’s time to prepare, because it’s going to be an interesting one!  Every year, I do a meditation to tap into the “energies” that this new year is bringing us collectively.  This year the element for 2022 is Water.

Water is the element of the emotions, so expect some “cleansing” this year. Water also symbolizes clarity and reflection, so expect to see things in a new and, ultimately, better way.  Remember, water can be refreshing and lovely in its flow, or terrifying in its power.  This will be a year where we learn to harness certain energies, especially the emotional body, so that moving forward, we feel more in control and empowered.

As far as the animal itself, the “Water Tiger” is graceful, steady, and focused.  She waits for the right time to make her move.  She is watchful, and did I say, focused?  The Water Tiger knows what she wants, is hyper-aware of her surroundings, and yes, she is fierce…when provoked.  Luckily, her reputation proceeds her so those around her know not to mess with her.

2022 is a year of great power.  The Tiger, again, is watchful, never taking her eye off either her prey (desires) or anything that could be threatening her or her cubs.  She is a great protectress, and she will not tolerate anyone who wants to put her – or those she loves – in danger.  Tigers are great nurturers too.  She carries her babies to safety and always alert.  WATCHFUL is a word for 2022.

Even though the element of Water may seem contradictory to the Tiger, indeed, these large cats are not turned off by that element, but actually take to hiding in shallow waters from time to time.  They are even known to frolic in water!  In fact, because of the reeds that surround some of the shallower waters, it is a place where they feel safe and free to do so.

So remember, tigers do have their playfulness.  They are big cats, after all, and what videos are most-watched on YouTube?  Cats!  Because they are cute!  Grooming.  Lounging.  Cultivating a sense of self. Tigers command great respect because of their assuredness.  Bask in the energy of “royalty” that large cats exude so that respect will come naturally to you.

This is a year about getting still so that when it’s time to act, you feel ready.  STILLNESS is key.  There are big things coming!  And if you’ve squandered your energies, then you will not feel strong when they do come.

It’s a big year for cultivating a true sense of power, if you can learn to BE.

Message:  Know that your time is coming.  Know that your desires are worth waiting for.  Know that focus is the name of the game this year.  Know that there will be time for play, time for nurturing, and yes, a time for protection and vigilance.  Don’t be in a hurry, but also know that if opportunity comes your way, it’s game on, and you should take advantage of it, using your skills and great focus.

Practice for 2022:  Meditation, of course.  Sitting still for periods of time, observing your surroundings.  Practice listening to your environment and tuning in.  Perhaps consider some sort of martial arts or balance endeavors, like yoga.


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