The Wind Horse School of Feng Shui is a certification program in Feng Shui in the Tibetan Buddhist Black Hat (BTB) tradition through the lineage of Grandmaster Lin Yun. The curriculum is taught in a small group setting over the length of nine months to a year in a “personal transformational program” called the Feng Shui Odyssey. This way, the student has the luxury of time to study and understand Feng Shui concepts, experiencing Feng Shui over a period of time and on a personal level, while witnessing others’ progress as well for an optimal learning experience. Once complete, students will be recognized by the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG) as a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner and will be eligible to take on clients of their own. The Wind Horse School of Feng Shui is is a Gold Designated Program, the highest standard under the guidelines of the IFSG, and graduates will be eligible to take the Red Ribbon Assessment to become a Professional Red Ribbon Member.

Wind Horse School of Feng Shui

To apply for the Feng Shui Odyssey and/or Wind Horse School of Feng Shui certification program, please submit the application, and we will contact you for a discovery call to get to know you better and discuss the details of the program to ensure that you are a fit.

For more on the Feng Shui Odyssey itself, click here.

*All Wind Horse students looking to be certified are required to complete the Odyssey as part of their training. Odyssey participants are eligible to partake in the Wind Horse certification program within four years of completion of the Odyssey.

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