Why Wind Horse?

I’ve loved horses my entire life.  I was basically one of those little girls who was obsessed with horses, reading Black Beauty and the Black Stallion, watching National Velvet, collecting the figurines, and wishing for a horse when blowing out my candles every birthday.  I had my first riding lesson when I was 7, and I can still remember the day.  I was in heaven.

When I got certified in Feng Shui, Sharon Stasney (my teacher) taught us about the mythology of the Wind Horse which is an integral part of the Buddhist Tibetan tradition.

Plainly said, the Wind Horse means luck.

You’ve probably seen pictures of the prayer flags that Tibet is famous for.  Chances are there is an image of the Wind Horse on it.

In Tibet, they say, when one’s “wind horse is running,” it means that they are feeling lucky.

Horses have a major symbolism in the west too.  Think about it: they have changed the course of human history as far as being a mode of transportation and labor for farmers.  In Native American animal medicine, horses stand for “freedom” and “power.”  Sounds like luck to me!

The gua for Money and Wealth is also called Opportunity.  Opportunity could be considered “luck.”   This gua is associated with trigram “Sun” which means “Wind,” as derived from the ancient Eastern book of wisdom, the I Ching.

We use language like “run like the wind” or “the winds of fortune” for a reason.  There is force there.  Chi.  Power.

Sharon explained why running horses are such a lovely symbol for the Money area of the bagua.  She said that we all have opportunities come our way.  Imagine standing in a field and a horse is galloping up — this is the Wind Horse, and she represents the opportunities that will take us forward, fast and with confidence.  Are we ready for her?  Will we grab onto her mane?  Or will we let her pass us by?

The Wind Horse School of Feng Shui officially opens this March 2021.  I’m honored to now be a teacher, certifying others in this amazing art and science that I’ve studied for over 22 years now.

(Applications now are now being accepted.  Enrollment is limited so be sure to fill it out today. CLICK HERE TO APPLY.)

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