Where Oh Where Are Your House Numbers?

So….what’s going on with your house numbers?

Are your they displayed clearly…or are they practically non-existent?

If FedEx can’t find your house, chances are that “all things good” (aka, positive chi/energy) can’t find it either.

Remember, everything about your home is symbolic.  If you have a cheerful front entrance with a well-lit porch and highly visible numbers, you are sending out the vibe: Hello world, I’m here!  Bring me good things, please, and more good things!  (Like money, awesome people, opportunities, fun, etc.)

If your entrance is dingy, cluttered, and your numbers are hidden, you “confuse” the chi, and therefore the good stuff simply goes to the next house or comes in weakly.

Check it out:
Which house numbers do you think has the more welcoming chi?  (Displayed here on mailboxes, because I’m having a red mailbox obsession lately.)

No brainer, right?  The red mailbox is cheerful and recognizable.  The gold letters are highly visible and displayed on the horizontal.  Imagine saying to your friends:  “Hey, just look for the red mailbox.  I’m so easy to find!”

On the contrary, the gray mailbox — besides being just plain depressing — has numbers, but they are hardly legible!  Plus they are displayed on the vertical, which represents a downward, leaking chi.

The black mailbox behind it is a step up, as it’s newer, but the numbers, while more visible than Mr. Gray’s are still super-small and just kind of blah.

So, if you’re looking for an easy cure to get some good things to come into your life, spiff up your house numbers, by golly, and see what happens next!

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  • daisymae

    Katie, this is a great observation. My house numbers are painted on my driveway entrance. It is time for a new look. I was planning on making all the numbers super bright and fun designs. Is there a preference between painting a number 4 in 1 solid fun color vs many fun colors?

  • Katie Feng Shui

    legibility, legibility, legibility!!!! I'd probably stick with one color for this reason, but in the right circumstance, it could probably work. Post or send before and after if you are so inclined! Awesome!

  • Meredith

    So, I just had to go outside to check! My numbers are horizontal on both the mailbox and the house. Both visible! Whoohoo! Not a pretty red mailbox but I will keep that in mind for when I'm not renting anymore! And I had to laugh when you talked about the Fed Ex guy finding the house…the FedEx/UPS/friends can find my house without a problem, the pizza guy is a different story…EVERYTIME they drive past a few time before they find it!

  • Katie Feng Shui

    Mer! Pizza man, FedEx man, (almost) same thing! This is a case where you should ASK the pizza man in the nicest way possible why your house is difficult to find — may be a clue to "chi entry." Very Curious! Keep us updated! (May be a good reason to order pizza tonight– 😉

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