The Year of the Sheep, My Take

On February 19, 2015, we will move into the Year of the Sheep (otherwise known as the Ram or the Goat.)

We will be moving out of the Year of the Horse.

Horses I am into.  I absolutely love horses.  They may just be my favorite animals.

But Sheep?  I mean, I really don’t think about sheep so much.

What you talkin’ about, Katie?  (Source)

Because I was a bit dissatisfied with what information I found on the Internet regarding the Year of the Sheep, I decided to sit down and see if I could get some of my own guidance, (a.k.a. “automatic writing).

This is what came through:
I wrote, “I ask for information/guidance regarding the energies of the Year of the Sheep that is coming up.”

I got:
Sheep’s energy is one of Giving.  It gives milk and wool and is mild-mannered.  There is an abundance energy regarding Sheep in that it can give and give and not be affected much in that giving.  The milk is easily replaced as is the wool.

Source  “Comfort & nurturing” are marks of the Year of the Sheep

Innocence is the mark of Sheep too.  (Sacrificial lamb.)  Sheep is not necessarily a determined creature but one that is content to follow the herd.

While some people, especially in Western cultures, may see this attribute as a flaw or weakness, in truth, it is simply a willingness to surrender to the flow of the energy currents already present.  Not wanting nor striving to be a “leader” or “unique” can have great benefits.

It has the element of being content with one’s “herd” or tribe and enjoying the comforts of a pastoral life, knowing that there is a shepherd of sorts watching over in protection.  After all, how many tales have a shepherd as an important character?  One who is usually humble and true and free of pretense?


Sheep does not hide nor does it stand out particularly.  Their role may seem passive in Western eyes, yet Westerners have forgotten the value of going with the flow and allowing.

After all, if a sheep strays from the herd, that is when disruption happens.  If the shepherd is a true one, it is IDEAL to stick with the herd — so before one judges the “herd mentality,” remember that the herd mentality can be healthy if it’s in the highest good of all.

As far as 2015, the Year of the Sheep, goes…. expect abundance — not in the flashy, showy way — but in the creature comforts of home and family life.  If one can unplug from the go-go-go mentality of the Western culture and learn to surrender to a calmer, more meandering path, one will discover the joys of a slower pace and really ENJOY life.

While the Year of the Horse had its ups and downs and excitements, the Year of the Sheep will be a welcome one with its nurturing energies if one can recognize that there is value in living day to day at a slower speed.  Give thanks for the blessings that are here!  Sheep shall give great comfort and joy.  She is The Great Provider and while she does not fan fancy feathers nor strut her stuff, her gifts are 10,000-fold if you could all just settle down and honor her.

Sheep is the 8th animal in the Chinese zodiac.

The numerology adds up to an 8 year (2+0+1+5=8).

8 is the number of prosperity and abundance and flow.

It is tradition in China to prepare for the Chinese New Year by letting go of the old — decluttering and cleaning house!  Please join us for DECLUTTER YOUR WAY TO CLARITY so Sheep can have room and space to provide for you in 2015.  Click here for testimonials and to sign up!  

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