The Home Office + Guest Bedroom Combo

I’m a huge fan of the guest room/home office combo!  Why have an entire room used only on the occasions that people are coming to stay with you?  While I think it’s great to have guest rooms, as it symbolically “invites” in the good, it’s also important to keep the chi circulating there, and what better way than to actually USE it?  The trick to pulling off the office/guest room is to get creative and to be honest with yourself with the needs for the room.  (i.e. Is it more important to function as an office or a bedroom?  Who will be visiting?  Can you surrender your office for the days that your guests are there?) 
Here are some examples below that may give you some ideas for yours:
Modern flair!  Source
Sofa beds…in purple.  Yes!  Source

Lofty  Source

Playful, fun, and functional.
This is for those who need an office more than a guest room but want that option.  Clever, isn’t it?

IMPORTANT NOTE:  None of these rooms would be appropriate for a bedroom that someone used all the time, as it’s not conducive to have an office IN your room unless you have no other choice, and even then, there would have to be some cures set in place.  These examples are ONLY for the guest room and office combo!  Also, it’s important to establish the “command” position when working at a desk as well as when sleeping.  (The “command” position simply means you have a view of the doorway of the room.)  This could be taken care of with some strategically-placed mirrors.  



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