The Creative Spark

We are currently discussing the Creativity/Children/Projects section of the bagua in the Feng Shui Odyssey, where we’ve stumbled upon the notion that creativity is “presence” and “play,” at the heart of it.   Creativity is not limited to writing or painting or acting or singing.  Tapping into your creativity is quite simply a way to make life more fun!
i.e. I can put together an edible meal and have it on the dinner table to keep us fed, but it’s those moments where I’m actually enjoying myself and present in the process of making a meal, where I can say that my cooking becomes “creative” — and much, much, much better-tasting-and-looking, and fun and yummy, I might add!
In Feng Shui, the right center section of the home or office (when facing in while standing at the front door) is the Creativity gua.  Symbols for the gua include anything that represents playfulness or children.  Rainbows are great too!  I also love kids’ colorful handprints in this gua because hands symbolize the creative process in humans.  We do so much with our hands!   Bonus points for a photo of yourself as a child, maybe doing something you love, set there with the intention of honoring and listening to your Inner Child.
For Creativity, also consider: Is there a part of your home that invites a bit of a happy mess?  Is there a place where you can feel child-like and relaxed and still safe?  Or is your home a little too perfect, a little too strict or sterile?
The creative process is fluid, playful, and without bounds.  A masterpiece may be the end result (or not), but it’s the Enjoyment of the Making that really defines creativity.

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