The 3 “Biggies” in Feng Shui

Every room is important in feng shui, but if I had to pick three areas that impact us the most, it’s these:
1.  Front Entrance
2.  Bed
3.  Stove
(…and I must mention…4. Desk, especially for a home office!)
Why these?
1.  The Front Entrance.  The main door to your home represents how you allow the good into your life.  So when spiffing up the front of your home think: Inviting.   If this part of your home isn’t up to par, (i.e. cluttered, dingy, broken, or dull), then you may be repelling the good from coming into your life.

Source: This Old House 

You must welcome it!  Imagine chi to be like a genie who will bring you whatever it is you desire, but that genie needs to be honored and invited in in order for you to get it.
2.  The Bed.  You spend 1/3 of your life in your bed.  (And you should!)  Your quality of sleep is affecting everythingfrom how well you eat, to how well you exercise, to how well you think, and interact with people.  So yeah.  Bed needs to be up to par too.
Make sure you are sleeping on natural materials and that there is absolutely no clutter under the bed.  Electronics in the bedroom should be at a minimum, and yes, that includes the TV.  The bed should also be positioned so that you have a view of the door, but absolutely not so that your feet are aligned pointing directly out the door.  Basically, if you aren’t sleeping well, please consider the feng shui of the room!  It’s huge.

Source: Dana Casey Design.  Few too many pillows for my feng shui taste, but all and all, this is a calm, clean bedroom that should promote good sleep.
3.  The Stove.  The stove represents how you nourish yourself and your family.  If you are cooking with intention and love, it goes far!  Plus, when you have food on the stove, it means you are experiencing some abundance.  Therefore, your stove represents your finances too!  
Be sure to keep the stove clean and use each eye to bring more opportunities into your life.  Here, you should also have the “command position” so that you can see the entrance to the kitchen as to not be “surprised” while you are engaged in cooking. 

Source  The shiny surface provides a cure so that the cook can see what is behind them.
4.  The Desk.  Again, command position and a desk that is fully functioning will affect your position at work as well as your finances.

So, if you only do the minimum in feng shui, give attention to these 3 biggies — and clutter too — and you’ll start to see the shifts immediately!  

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