2019: Year of the Earth Pig

  Every year, I do a meditation before Chinese New Year to get a sense of what message the new zodiac animal has for us. Last year, we were in the Year of the Dog. This year, on February 5, [...]


A Kundalini Yoga Demonstration by Kewal Nam

I love yoga, and I particularly love Kundalini Yoga.  Kundalini is a branch of yoga using breath, meditation, poses, and chanting.  It can be a little (okay…very) strange to those who [...]


Easy Feng Shui Cure for $$$ & Reputation Using Your Wallet

This is such an easy and fun cure!  See how you can feel more prosperous with these easy Feng Shui adjustments.  Your wallet has energy too!


Feng Shui for the Interior of The Yoga Circle

I continue to chat with Stephen about our choices for the color of the yoga studio and the meaning behind that bamboo.  Stephen shares his Feng Shui results!  😉

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