How & Why I Meditate (and Why I Resisted at First)

I know every one always hears about the benefits of meditation, and some of you are like “Yay!” and some of you are like “SNORE” — I used to be like, “Ugh, cliché, snore, no, boring, no [...]


Should You Create a Meditation Space in Your Home?

As a Feng Shui consultant, this is a question that I get over and over again. After all, most of us know by now how important meditation is to a fulfilling life. Taking that time – ideally daily [...]


Intention in Feng Shui

You hear this all the time: “Set your intention.” Yoga teachers say it before class, meditation teachers suggest it before meditating, and yes, it’s a big deal in BTB Feng Shui [...]

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