Summer Solstice & Healing with the Sun

I’m a sun worshipper.  I admit it.  I absolutely ADORE the sun.  Not in the bake-all-day-with-tanning-oil kind of way, but in the ahhhh-that-feels-so-good-on-my-skin/face/soul kind of way, and I must have it, often.

It might have to do with the fact that I’m a Leo, with Leo moon, rising, Merc & Venus? (The Sun rules Leo.)

Regardless of why, here today, on the longest day of the year, Summer Solstice 2013, I offer you a meditation on the Solar Plexus.   It’s the energy center nestled in right above the belly button, and it has to do with personal power and is linked to the color yellow.

It seems that a lot of us are in need of healing of this center.  If you’ve ever been in power struggles with someone, or you find yourself doing things out of obligation rather than your own will, or someone is really angry at you and may be dumping some energetic toxins onto you, you may have experienced imbalances here.

I know I have!

On a mission to learn how to heal this chakra (besides being aware and making self-empowering choices), a friend and I were trading ideas, which included kundalini yoga sets for the navel, wearing yellow, and asking and envisioning any energetic cords between ill-intentioned people be cut and healed.

One of our favorite ideas was to put some water in a glass in the sunlight, add some yellow (my friend chose marigolds! And look at that big rock — it’s citrine!) and after a few hours, drink up!  Set the intention of reclaiming your power and nourishing your solar plexus…and you’re, ahem, GOLDEN!

So, in celebration of the longest day of the year, with all it’s hot, active, and yang energy, take a break, sit in some shade, set your intention, and…

…bottoms up!  Hopefully, you’ll begin to feel more centered and strong your whole life long!

(Pina coladas may work too!)

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