Should this Client Who Wants To Get Pregnant MOVE?


Hi Katie – Hope you’re doing well! I have a feng shui question. I’m about to move and the place has a bath in both the love/marriage and the creativity/children corners. We are starting a family – would that hurt?
The previous tenants moved because their family was growing and she was preggo again…so obviously it didn’t hurt them. I always check the story of the previous tenants to see what kind of energy has been left behind.
What’s your take on something like this?
Thank you so much for your taking the time!



So…without seeing the space…
I told her that it all sounds very auspicious, given that the predecessor energy is right in line with what she wants to create in her life. BABIES!

What’s “predecessor energy,” you ask?

With every consultation, I ask: “Who lived here before you and what do you know about them?”


Because it’s an obvious clue to the energy of the home AND because, unless the space is thoroughly cleared, the energy of those who lived there before you is still there, having a big impact!

For this reason, homes with sickness, divorce, and foreclosure should be super-carefully considered before moving in. (Definitely hire a feng shui consultant for those!) Happy homes, however, may not need as much feng shui work beforehand!

To address the other aspect of her question: Will the bathroom in Romance/Love and Creativity/Children sections of the bagua hurt?

Good Earth  (Source)

I explained that she should make sure that there is plenty of Earth energy in both places in terms of colors (muted tones for Earth), clay items, and the like. Why? Because the Romance/Love section of the bagua is an Earth energy so adding more is good, and because the Creativity/Children section is a Metal energy and Earth feeds metal and also dams some of that Water.

But, truth be told, whatever the people previous to them were doing, it was working, so she may want to keep it just as it was for them!

Like I always say in feng shui: I don’t fix what isn’t broken!

Y’all have a great Friday and weekend. Cheers!

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