Red Front Doors: The Feng Shui Cliche for a Reason

even without the Christmas cheer, this door is cheery!

Oh, the famed red front door.  I can’t count the times that, when I told someone I was a feng shui consultant, they respond with, “Oh, isn’t that where you paint your front door red?”

My response?

“Actually yes it is.  Sometimes.”

The truth is, if it’s not aesthetically pleasing, it’s not feng shui.


So don’t go painting your front door red if it doesn’t suit the look of your home.  Please, don’t do that.


If your home can handle a red front door:  get ready because it’s one of the most powerful feng shui cures that you can do!

I’m such a sucker for this color combo

The color red in feng shui is considered the good luck color.  It holds a TON of energy.  Think of it as the super-charged attractor color.  Yet it’s also protective.  It’s an activator of sorts.

And when I say “get ready,” I mean it.  Because once you paint that front door red, you really should be prepared for some sort of (possibly major) shift in your life.  How big the shift is depends on how big of a shift you need in your life.  I’ve had clients paint their doors red, and suddenly all their wishes are coming true.  But I’ve also seen folks who implement this cure go through a sort of rocky period while things “shake out.”  For example, if you are in a bad relationship but just haven’t comes to terms with that….the red front door will bring a lot of it to the surface.  If you don’t like your job, then expect a change there.

this pop of red is scrumptious with the plant life

You get the idea.  If you’ve been ignoring some aspect of your life, the intense chi of the red front door won’t really let you get away with it any longer.

And that’s a good thing!

Of course, if the rest of your house has some wonky feng shui going on (missing bagua sectors; clutter; mis-use of interior spaces; etc.), then it would serve you to tend to those.  After all, the front door is a powerful aspect in feng shui and represents what kind of opportunities you bring into your life.  So once you get the door dailed in, you want your space to be able to “hold” the good and let it circulate and stay a while.

an awesome example of how a red front door can help your interiors as well

All in all, in my experience, I’ve seen the power of the red front door, and even if it’s uncomfortable for the client for a while, it’s all good in the end.  And even if you can’t paint your front door red for whatever reason, having some red near it (a door mat, potted flowers, even a ribbon on some wind chimes) is a also a simple but powerful cure that is sure to bring some good chi your way.

the yellow is still chi-raising, but look at these red flowers with it

Source:  First 4 photos from with thanks!  
Source:  Last 2 are from also with thanks!  

play with different shades of red…look how dreamy this entrance is with this softer shade

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