Prosperity Cures! Money Trees & Lucky Bamboo

The easiest cure I can think of to get your finances growing is to put a plant in the Money area of your home or office (or even desk!)

Remember, the Money gua (purple) is the back left corner
of the space when you are standing at the entrance facing in.

Plants are generally just awesome because they are alive and therefore will generate beneficial chi (which loosely translates to “life force”).  But plants also clean the air, emit oxygen, and reduce the effects of EMFs.  Plus they are pretty, and they bring healing nature indoors, into your space.

Feng Shui 101:  There are two plants that are known to be great for the Money gua.
The Money Tree (duh) & Lucky Bamboo.


This is the Money Tree.   It’s scientific name is Pachira aquatica.  It can come small (say 8 inches high and be able to sit on an end table, like you see here), or they can get quite large, up to three feet or more!  The trunks are usually braided, and the leaves are a lovely, shiny green that sprout very easily and, well, abundantly.

Source for Lucky Bamboo

This is the Lucky Bamboo.  It’s scientific name is Dracaena braunii.  These babies also can come quite small, as short as 3-4 inches, but they can be quite big, as tall as five feet!

Both these plants grow easily with very little effort on your part.  The Money Tree only needs little watering once every other week or so.  It thrives in all sort of light conditions as well, including dim.  The Lucky Bamboo can simply sit in water, so all you have to do is change the water or just add some every few weeks.  It too is sturdy and survives for quite a while even in zero light!

Wood is the element for the Money gua, and these plants are perfect symbols for how you would like your Money to be:  growing with little effort, providing pleasure and breathing room, and easy to tend to.

Happy plant-buying!  Cha-ching!


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