One Client’s Feng Shui of Love, Before & After

A Los Angeles client, Laura, recently reached out with glowing reports!  If you question the power of feng shui, question no more.  The proof is the pictures…

Laura had called me for a long-distance mini-consultation — one room with one goal — to find L-O-V-E.  Not that she was sitting home on the weekends (or weeknights for that matter).  In fact, she admitted that she had dated over 60 men in the past couple of years!  Her concern was the quality of man that she was attracting, not the quantity.  She was ready to replace her player tendencies, grow up, and find “the one.”

Because she shares an apartment, it was easy to hone in on her bedroom, for it’s the one place that is all hers where we could go to town with the feng shui cures.

And boy, did we.  The feng shui no-no’s were rampant!  Check out these photos she sent me.

where are the bedside tables? and eek, a mirrored closet

this closet could be arranged much better

computer in the bedroom – no!  desk at angle – no!

every item needs a home!

oy, clutter!
this bed could be way more inviting

When I received these photos, I took a deep breath.  You never know if a client is going to “hear” you or not, and frankly, this one was going to take some work.  As a feng shui consultant, I could easily see the issues in her love life from simple things, such as a computer in the bedroom and the lack of two side tables.  Not to mention the disorganization!

Once on the phone, she confirmed my suspicions that she doesn’t sleep well at night.  We also discovered an interesting theme: there were little girl images tucked here and there.  These items were sending “Peter Pan” messages to her subconscious.  Hmmmm.

After a juicy chat, including the ins and outs of the types of guys she was dating, I gave her a list of cures not for the faint of heart.  I did not hold back.  She called me for life improvement, and I explained how by simply rearranging her home space, those improvements will come about!

Cut to:  Six or so weeks later.


Here’s a combo of the few emails she sent:

Hi Katie,
I thought I should update you on what’s happening on this end. I’m sure everything is connected, but I dropped all the bad guys and feng shui’d the crap out of my room. Now I have four major job offers, I quit smoking (now on week 3!!!) and have signed up for yoga for relaxation/clarification purposes. Plus, the quality of guys that I’m meeting is much better, but I’m less focused on them. 

…Sleep is a LOT better — and I feel healthier and less exhausted when I wake up 🙂

I did not rest until I made everything good! Accenting with red & yellow, bronze & grey!

YOU are awesome. Thank you again for all your help — didn’t realize my life was going to change so much as a result of feng shui! 

…You’re awesome Katie and the world should know. I have a sweet new job, a zest for life and have weeded out all the crap men in my life…I know what I want from myself AND everyone else thanks to you and feng shui. For real.
Laura’s new and improved bedroom!

Amazing, right?  I LOVE it when a client takes the cures to the next level.  Of course she’s sleeping better!  With the more organized space, her belongings are not tugging at her attention anymore when she’s going off to dreamland.  The curtains over the mirror help immensely.  And the bedside tables ground the energy of the room and are inviting to a new partner.  And gone were the little girls except for one special one to remind her to keep her youthful spirit.  Much more grown up all around!  
Now, you may say, “Katie, she hasn’t met her man yet.  Wasn’t LOVE the goal?” And I will reiterate what she and I talked about on our call.  It’ll happen, but she obviously (on a subconscious level) wanted to clean her own act up first.  After all, she wants to attract the best guy out there, but how can she when she’s not being her best self?  
I look forward to some more emails from her regarding her love life.  I have a feeling she’ll have good news to report.  Fingers crossed!  But in the meantime, I’m glad she’s enjoying a more healthy, thriving version of herself.
[NOTE: If you’re interested in feng shui, send me an email or give me a call.  If you’re curious but hesitant, I can answer your questions.  I’m available in person or from a distance, and I customize the session to you.  If you’d rather begin with a mini-session, I’m happy to oblige.  All it takes is the will to make improvements in your life, and I’ll help with the rest.]  
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  • Laurie

    Awesome! I love the after photos. The bed is so much more inviting.

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    Love your blog! Please come check out our blog and hopefully you will follow as I have already done the same! Thank you!

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