My Little Blogging Break(through)

My darling readers!

I am taking an unexpected break from blogging for a while —

The truth is, as much as I love to write, this Year of the Horse has already taken off for me — has it for you too? —  like crazy fast that I can barely keep up!  I gotta make sure I have my balance so I can take ‘er full speed ahead!  One of the things I’m letting go of is the pressure to blog, and I tell you what, it was a strange relief to make that decision.  Took some pressure off myself, really.

If you happen across this message, perhaps it is a sign that you too can cut back or let go of something that you hadn’t considered?  

I’d LOVE to see you over email however!  If you’d like my every-so-often emails in your Inbox, please contact me at  And Like Katie Rogers Feng Shui on Facebook.  I will be piping up in these places from time to time….

…but for now — it’s focus time!

…and no worries, I’ll be back.  Trust me, I have blog ideas galore, just waiting in the thresholds.

Cheers, and I hope to hear from you elsewhere!

All in good chi,

P.S.  Please:  Use the search engine right there to your right with the little magnifying glass:  I have so much material on here.  Words like “money” “romance” “books” “space clearing” — you name it, should yield results!  Thanks!

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