How to Move Up the Emotional Scale

If you’ve been following me for a little while, you know that I love love love love talking about the Law of Attraction.  My view of life, Feng Shui, relationships, and God/Source/Universe shifted profoundly once I began to take the teachings of Abraham-Hicks to heart.

So I wanted to share a cool thing I have learned from it all.

First, I would say that when I first started studying Feng Shui, the bagua map was what rang my bells.  A map to your space?  That reflects different areas of your life?  And when you make changes within the sections, changes in your life occur?  YES, PLEASE!

Bagua Map

Similarly, when I first started studying Abraham-Hicks’ take on the Law of Attraction, I was floored by what they call “The Emotional Scale.”  (Photo taken from their book, Ask and It is Given.)

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The concept is this:  We all want to be at #1.  Joy, right?  Or at least close to that would be great too!  That’s where we find true connection, true alignment with you we are, and reaching for that feeling is basically the reason why we want anything, do anything.

But we’re humans.  We are going to bounce around this scale.

The key is to figure out how not to stay on the lower end.  The key is to find the thoughts that keep us on the higher end of the scale.

They call it a scale for a reason.  You can’t jump from Despair to Joy. It’s just not gonna happen. You gotta move up the scale.  You gotta find a feeling of “relief” from the feeling where you currently are, and sometimes, well, if you’re in Depression or Fear, that can look like Rage.  But at least it’s not Depression or Fear.

And yes, this takes practice.  And no, going from Depression to Joy doesn’t have to take 40 — or even 4 — therapy sessions.  It really doesn’t have to take much time at all, but it does take practice.

For someone who feels a lot (any other empaths out there?), seeing this scale was groundbreaking for me!  Being able to first of all, identify my feeling and where I was on the scale really helped me just surrender and accept where I was.   Feelings aren’t bad (even if they may feel bad)!  According to Abraham-Hicks, they are information!  It’s OKAY.  But you want to find that “feeling of relief,” which sometimes is just moving just a wee bit in the right direction, up the scale. If you push against where you are on the scale, instead of surrendering into it and accepting it, you’re just going to bounce around on the lower end and feel like you’re in a never-ending cycle that you can’t get out of.

My favorite thing to say to myself when I want to move up the scale:

“I am willing to feel better.”  

Notice the word “willing.”  It’s the key to this mantra!  You can’t force yourself into a better feeling, but you can relax into a willingness to feel better without judging yourself or trying too hard to make anything different.  

Remember this is “being” work, not “doing” work, but if you’re inspired to an action (sitting in bed binging on Netflix all day; going for a run; grabbing a pint of ice cream; punching a pillow; getting out the paints; writing a poem; calling that person), then sure, do what you gotta do.

It’s your life, remember.  You’re the one in charge here.  And you have more Freedom than you can ever imagine….even if you might not feel like it today.


Katie offers Law of Attraction and Feng Shui Coaching by phone.  Reach out to her at or 205.983.0888 to schedule a session today!  

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