Move a Plant, Get a Date

Roots Thru Rocks

I love witnessing Ah-Ha Feng Shui moments of clients.  You know, those magical episodes when they realize:  Holy #@%*!!!  Feng Shui WORKS!

Here’s one recent occasion:
I gave a free teleclass on Romance a couple of months ago and opened the floor to questions at the end.  One lovely lady commented, “I have an ugly air conditioner unit in my Romance section [of the bagua map].  I can’t stand it, but I am renting.  What do I do?  Do I cover it up?  Is this affecting my Romance.”

I responded that this would probably need to be a case where I’d have to see it, but indeed, if the landlord won’t remove it, covering it in some fashion would help alleviate the dread of seeing it every day.  Plus she didn’t want a “chilly” romance, did she?

Alas,  I ran into this lady at a fun event here in Birmingham recently.  She told me of a handsome fellow she had her eye on but that he was being wishy-washy.  (Her words.)  She then said, “But I covered up the air conditioner.  I put a tree in front of it.”

I made a face.

She said, “What was that face for?  Tell me!”


I explained that the Romance section of the Bagua is an “Earth” energy.  Each section aligns with a particular element: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, or Water.  These elements work together, either “feeding” the other, or “damaging” it.

In the case of Earth, Wood damages it.  Think of roots of a tree — they are breaking up the Earth.


So no, plants and trees are not good in the Romance section (in general).

She immediately removed the tree!

And THE NEXT DAY (no lie), he emailed her committing to a weekend-out-of-town HOT DATE that he had been wavering on!!!

My client was beside herself — not only because the date was going to be HOT, but because she was amazed at how quickly the feng shui worked!

She sent me this photo with a text:  [Oh, by the way]…”When I moved the plant I put this double crystal in the corner FYI.”

Yay!  Extra points!  This crystal represents Earth (being a rock) AND it’s signifies a pair, which of course, in romance, is what we want:  a pair.

I asked her:  “Did you set the intention of romance when you placed it?”

She answered with a resounding, “Yes ma’am!”

Fool proof.  Done.

So now:
Check YOUR Romance section!  When standing at the front door to your home, looking in, what is in the back right section?  That’s the Romance section of the Bagua map.  Make sure it’s rocking!  (Pun intended.)

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