Money and Feng Shui: Potty Talk

Money is good, right?  Money brings us opportunities, stability, and all sorts of lovely things if managed, spent, given, and saved wisely.

In feng shui, water is one of the symbols of money.  When I’m at a client’s house, and they talk about leaks or clogs, then I am sure to tell them to do whatever it takes to fix these…as in turn, it will “fix” their money woes.

But to narrow all of this down, today, we will talk about the toilet.  Here’s a video going around now:  

It’s Matt Damon.  He says that the toilet is the number one lifesaver in the world…  Hmmmmm…  So, hail the toilet???

Regardless of Damon’s take on potties, it is known in feng shui that toilets have a downward energy, and if not given some attention, could represent money being flushed away.  In other words — unexpected, possibly large expenses or the feeling that money always seems to be draining out!  Toilets are especially important to cure if bathrooms are situated in the Money section of the bagua.

So how do you “cure” a toilet?
1.  Keep it clean.
2.  The Red Ribbon cure:  Cut a red ribbon.  Make sure it’s in increments of 9 (9, 18, 27 cm or inches) as 9 is the lucky number in feng shui.  Tie this red ribbon around a pipe behind the toilet, especially the outgoing pipe if possible.  You can also put a red ribbon or a red piece of tape around the bottom of the toilet bowl if you feel like REALLY doing it up.  (If it’s too garish for you to use red, then do the other cures.)
3.  Use “upward-motion” plants or art work to counteract the downward motion of the toilet.
4.  If necessary, put a mirror on the floor behind the toilet or underneath the lid of the toilet, or on top of the back of the toilet bowl, FACING UP, to counteract the downward motion.
5.  Hang a medium to large round-faceted crystal from the ceiling above the toilet from a red cord (increments of 9, please!).
5.  Keep the toilet lid closed!

Feel free to do all or only some of these.  Remember, intention is the key!  State: “My finances are protected, and I enjoy great abundance,” while implementing the cures for that extra special something.

bamboo for upward motion & abundance.  red tape and ribbon for protection.  even the shower curtain’s pattern helps with the downward flow.  and of course, the lid is shut!

P.S. You can also use the red ribbon cure for other drains (sinks, etc.) around the house.

Have fun (smartly so) with the extra money you’re going to find in your bank account as a result!

  • Meredith

    I just read this post. It's 930pm and I immediately had to go into my sleeping child's room to get the red ribbon that was stored in the closet in his room. I now have a 9 inch red ribbon around the pipe AND a 63 inch red ribbon tied around the toilet! Tomorrow I will start looking for a bamboo money tree. 🙂 Bring on the money (or even just take away the stress of the lack of income). I know I know…state my intentions and mean it! 🙂

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