Latest Project — “Whimsical Woodland” Mural

Here’s a sneak peek at my latest project.  The client wanted a woodland scene for her toddlers’ bedroom, complete with “lots of animals, a hiking trail, and a waterfall.”

The original palette was the turquoise, yellow-gold, burnt orange, and olive green, inspired by a combo of Sherwin-Williams “No Limits” and “Wonder” palettes.  I added “pops” of purple, blue, and pinks later to bring a more playful feel.

Here’s what she got!
(Pics are quick snapshots from the iPhone, and the furniture is temporary as they were just moving in! — They are getting custom bunk beds, and I plan to get better pictures upon installation.)


fun little bug garden in the corner

lovebirds, a possum, bunnies, a raccoon, and a deer in this shot
waterfall flows into a little stream…

…making a home for this little guy (and a frog and some fish not shown here).

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