How Pets Are Great Feng Shui

You all hear me use the word, “chi” a lot.  “Chi” translates loosely to “energy” in English.

In Feng Shui, we want to promote positive, free-flowing chi in the home so that a person can cultivate a positive, in-the-flow life.

There are gazillions of ways to cultivate chi…and pets are one of them.  As long as they are healthy and happy, a sweet dog, cat, or other loving and well-loved animal brings life — and unconditional love (the best chi of all) — into the home!

So please, take care of and thank your sweet furry or feathery or scaly friend, because they are doing way, way more for you than you know!

Note:  if you are considering adopting a pet, please go to your local shelters first!  There are many abandoned, sweet animals that need homes.  Also, only give an animal as a gift if you are 100% sure that the recipient can afford the time and care it takes to give the love the pet deserves and needs.  

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