The big one.

Feng Shui can help majorly.

How so, you ask?

Your relationship with money shows up in dramatic ways in the home or office!   Like everything in Feng Shui, improve the space, improve your life.

In this Feng Shui & Money eCourse, you will receive

  • an email a day for 9 days that focuses on the top Feng Shui cures related to Money….even shifting ONE can make a dramatic difference in your Money flow!
  • photos and illustrations that clearly demonstrate the Feng Shui yesses and the Feng Shui no-no’s
  • DIY Feng Shui “Fun Cures” that you can implement before the nine days are up
  • an affirmation each day that will help you rethink Money in order to manifest it and multiply it
  • practical techniques for dealing with Money that will have you excited to look at your bank account
  • my personal techniques so you never have to worry about Money again (for real!) – tips from Dave Ramsey, Napolean Hill, John Randolph Price,  Florence Scovel Shinn, and some personal friend-heroes who have “taught” me about abundance
  • a fresh sense of gratitude for what you have, while still manifesting the life that you desire
  • a new look at Money as a currency – or current as in FLOW – rather than something static and finite


Each email will have a Theme related to a particular aspect of Money in the Home or Office, a Feng Shui “Fun Cure,” an Affirmation, a Practical Tip for improving money flow, and of course, a thorough write-up and instructions for implementing the cures you will be receiving.

Welcome to your new & improved relationship with money!


Make the investment that could change your life!

NOTE: I always affirm ~  May the abundance return back to you 10-fold and more…it works!  

ALSO NOTE: Whatever email you use for Paypal is where you will receive the eCourse ~ if you don’t receive your Welcome email within 24 hours of signing up, please email Katie at

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