Feng Shui Success (Love) Story!

The quote below is from Sheri, a long-time client.  A couple of years ago, she signed up for a feng shui-based teleconference class that I was teaching, and well…the rest is history. 

She’s a great example of a client who runs with the cures and who is truly dedicated to creating the life of her dreams.

This is her “thank you note” (a.k.a. testimonial) to the power of feng shui!

“Katie’s Feng Shui class changed my life!! When I enrolled in her class, I was lonely, depressed and had given up on love. However, I knew the power of Katie’s Feng Shui so decided to give her class a chance. I reprioritized my personal obligations so I could take the time needed each week to focus on the different life areas in my house….”

“…I won’t kid you, it was a lot of work and a bit scary at times but Katie couldn’t have been more supportive and helpful and it was well worth it! I rearranged furniture, sold items on Craig’s list, donated items, passed along items to friends and family and even purchased a few new items with the money I’d received from the items I sold. I gave 110% to completing each and every task from each week’s class. Six weeks in to the 9 week course I met the love of my life, my soulmate and as of April 6, 2013 my husband! I’ve never been happier, more at peace, or felt more secure and fulfilled than I do now. Thank you Katie!!!!!!!!!!!”

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  • Lewis N. Clark

    I have collected many success stories from clients and students who follow my … I explained how the missing area related to the love that was missing in her life.feng shui

  • Elizabeth J. Neal

    We firmly believe and actively practicing Feng Shui in two senses. We, not only, believe in arranging the surroundings or enironment that will help uplift one's life to the better. We, also, believe in the powerful intersession of mighty deities to give it the push that is needed to uplift our life to the better. feng shui

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