Feng Shui & Love: Overview

On August 27, I hosted a teleclass over the phone on Love & Romance.  We had a blast!  For those of you unable to make it, here’s a brief summary of what we covered.

When a client’s objective is to improve their love lives, whether they be single, in a relationship or marriage, or going through a break up or divorce, I first hone in on the two following places in their home:
1.  the bedroom &

Designed by Suzanne Kasler

2.  the back right section of the home.  (See my previous post on the Bagua & Romance for more details on this.)

Bedrooms are representative of Romance for obvious reasons.  (Ahem, it’s called an intimate relationship for a reason.)

 I might soften this with a fluffy rug of some sort to keep a balance of yin/yang.  Source

Here’s a checklist for the bedroom regarding Romance:
1.  Nothing under the bed.
2.  Two nightstands, representing balance
3.  Nurturing feel — not too yin (feminine) and not too yang (masculine)
4.  Limited electronics.  NO work (i.e. laptop/desk) and no TV!
5.  No family photos.  You don’t want your mum watching, do you?!
6.  No king beds.  (It’s two twin put together — represents a divide.)
7.  And of course, feng shui rule numero uno: no clutter.

In general, ask yourself this question of your bedroom:  Does it feel romantic?  Does it invite a partner into my life (okay…bed)?  Does it make someone feel welcome?

Another one by S. Kasler.  Imagine it at night, lit with candles.  Adding red roses would bring in passion.

Next up:  the Romance section of your bagua.
Take into account the following for that section:
1.  Be aware of anything that screams “single”….i.e. one chair, one strikingly single lamp, etc.

Uh, where’s the love(seat) here?  Source

2.  Things in pairs are ideal, whether it’s two candles, two flowers in a vase, or some nice artwork representing a pair.
3.  Colors:  Red, white, & pink are the typical “Romance” colors, but anything in Earth tones work as well.

a lovely sampling of Earth tones (minus that light blue)…  Source

4.  Elements to have:  Earth.  Containers, rocks, crystals, heavy items, and perhaps items in Earth-type colors will represent this element.  AND Fire.  Candles, flowers, bright colors (in doses of course) are all great for this section.
5.  Element to avoid:  Wood.  Too many plants, vertical lines, and colors in bright clear tones (such as green) should be AVOIDED in this section.  Wood “breaks up” Earth.

Please note:  the Self-Knowledge section should also be tended to when considering Intimate Relationships.  It’s the front left section of the home according to the bagua map, and this is where single items are good!  When you know yourself, you have more to offer in a relationship and you will choose partners wisely, if single.  Again, Earth is the element in Self-Knowledge, so again, Earth and Fire should be represented, and Wood avoided.

If going through a break-up and wanting to move a divorce forward, consider avoiding pairs in the Romance section for the duration of time that you believe will be helpful for you.  When ready to manifest a new partner, implement the pairs again.

Single is sometimes very appropriate.  Great for Self-Knowledge too. source

One more important fact:  If you have many things from past lovers decorating your home and tucked into drawers, let them go!  It could mean that you are holding on emotionally to these past relationships, and that it is blocking you from allowing in someone new and better.  Be tough with yourself and donate, sell, recycle, or give away these items.

As always in Feng Shui, cures are not black and white but vary highly from person to person.  Furthermore, intention goes a long way, so when lighting those two candles or placing those two flowers, affirm that you are lighting them for an awesome love life!

I hope these little tips help a lot! Thanks for reading…


For more, read this previous post on bedrooms, titled More Sleep & Better Sex, Yes Please.

OH!  And there are two more FREE tele classes: Sept 3rd and 10th.  Email katierogersfengshui@gmail.com for more info.  Call in!  First up:  MONEY….

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