Feng Shui, Front Porch Made Simple

Feng Shui does not have to be about getting new furniture, knocking down walls, or a total declutter overhaul.

Sometimes, many times, the smallest changes made with love and intention can be the juju and new energy you’re looking for.

A reader was inspired after listening to this Feng Shui call recording (excuse so-so quality):

…and she took it upon herself to spiff up to DIY on her front porch.  Take a look:


Now, do you see what she did?  She got rid of those “tired” feeling pillows and put a nice fresh coat of red on the chairs and table.  THAT IS ALL.  Doesn’t it FEEL happier, cozier, and more inviting?  The Before photo’s porch is okay, for sure, just a tad bit dull.  Whereas the After photo has zing!

The key for the front entrance?  INVITING!  That red just asks the chi to bound up to the home, which you all know, is what we want chi to do!  When you invite good energy in symbolically with color, movement, easy transitions, and liveliness, you’re inviting in opportunities, money, friendships, love, and good times!

Check out your own front entrance today, and get inspired to make your own improvements.  I’d love to see more Before and Afters from you all!

Cheers & chi,


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