Feng Shui Friday — Formal Dining Room

Ah, the formal dining room.  I found this photo on-line, and it spoke to me, so I thought I’d give a little “feng shui assessment” of it for a Friday treat.
Formal dining rooms are not so common these days.  Today, kitchens, dining rooms, and even family rooms blend into one.  I believe that there is a subconscious reason for this super-combo.  We are all so busy that, sometimes, our only time with our families is at meal time, so that parents and spouses and children want to be “with each other” as they cook, play, or watch TV.  I also think that we have created a culture of isolation (i.e. home to car to work to car to errands to the occasional social function to home again), so that these “great rooms” are our attempt to have some sort of connection!  We are tired of being in our own little pod-worlds!

Nonetheless the room below is beautiful, and if you are lucky enough to have the space for a formal dining room, why not make it a gracious and lovely?  

From Wakefield Design Center

Here’s what is “Feng Shui approved” about the room:
1.  Balance of yin and yang.  The rug, curtains, cushioned chairs, and even the texture of the blue-gray soften the room.  The white, the lighting, and floor ceiling windows and that active yang.
2.  Color palette.  The soft blue makes for an elegant statement, and since it’s accentuated by the white, it is neither overpowering (depressing) nor underwhelming.
3.  Feels lux. The decor lends to a lux feel that will delight guests and have them enjoying their meals and feeling quite treasured.
4.  The shape of the dining room table.  Yes to round, as everyone will feel included!
5.  Comfy chairs.  Not too hard, not too soft — just right?
6.  Centerpiece.  Can you imagine the room without that gorgeous bouquet?  It gives it a focal point and an anchor.  Centerpieces can make a huge difference to the chi (energy) of a room!
7. Cleanliness and clutter-free.  Excuse the obviousness, but dining in a space so sparkling clean and clear of clutter will make for an uber-pleasant experience.

What could use some feng shui improvements:
1.  White chairs.  Although I personally love the aesthetic of the white chairs, the color may cause diners to feel “too careful” while eating in fear of dirtying the white.  (This could be a good thing though!  I’m a little on the fence on this one.)  Nonetheless, the white adds to the “formal” feel of the room, and will have those dining here using their best manners!
2.  Glass/metal table.  I tend to steer clear of the glass and metal mix for tables, especially with coffee tables as it has a “precarious” feel.  However, it’s not horrid here, because the chairs add some stability — alas, because of the see-through vibe of a glass table, this room may benefit from having a solid table to anchor the room to alleviate that floating feeling.  Even a table cloth would help.   It will make those dining feel more settled and as a result would aid digestion!
3.  Cure the shar.  Do you see how the wall juts out (on the left of the photo), making a sharp edge point towards the table?  This is called a “shar” in feng shui.  Whomever is sitting in the line of that shar will not feel very comfortable nor settled!  There are various ways to cure this, too long to list here.  🙂
4.  Is it too formal?  That question depends on who you are!  In feng shui, your home should represent YOU.  If you are into formality, entertaining, and the like, go for it!  If you have a more casual approach to life, then do something else.  Your home is about you — don’t try to be who you aren’t — that’s the worst feng shui of all.

This photo is a great example of “how a room affects you.”  It’s obvious, simply from the choice of furniture and color that one would have a luxurious experience dining in this room.  Can you imagine the same room, fit for more casual dining?  It would have a totally different decor, color scheme, etc.

Such are the basics of feng shui!

I hope you enjoyed this little edition of what is to become Feng Shui Friday, where you can email me photos and ask a question or two for my blogging files!

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