Creative Storage Idea — Feng Shui Friday!

Storage can happen in unexpected places.  Especially if you are dealing with city-living when there is not much storage space.

Today’s Feng Shui Friday discusses just that.   
A fan who lives in funky cool loft in Montreal asked:  
In a space with little, to NO storage, which part of the bagua is the best place to store stuff?

Here is an example. 
Since I only have a very small closet, I have a pretty awesome collection of vintage trunks, 
I use them to store things I need (and yes, i try not to keep anything I don’t use!)
but that I don’t need daily.

Is it okay to use these trunks?

(Source)  Here’s a fun example that would be GREAT in the Helpful People/Travel section!

All I have to say is:  GENIUS!  Getting creative with you storage issues will make you feel much happier in your space.  In these cases, a pile of suitcases doubles as a table and some secret storage for the things you don’t need every day.
Ahh, white…make it your own personal style!  (Source)

Be warned though:  that that is the key — use this idea ONLY for things you don’t need every day!

Remember when organizing and storing, you want to prioritize.  If you drink tea every morning, you aren’t going to put your favorite tea cup on a shelf where you have to use a stool to get to it right?  No!  You’re going to have it in the front, in the handiest spot ever.

Same notion with ALL of your items.

(The “priority system” was taught to me by my brilliant teacher, Sharon Stasney.  Her book Feng Shui for Work Spaces goes into depth about it and is a great read.)

Mentally label items as Priority 1, Priority 2, or Priority 3 and then place the *1 items in the handiest, easy-to-get-to spots, the *2 items in the next easiest places, and then the *3 items in places such as these trunks, where you may have to remove the decorations on top to get to it.  Ideas might include crafting projects and art supplies that you only use every so often, or perhaps your off-season clothes.  Brilliant, right?

The suitcase storage idea, with its stacks, is definitely a priority 3 area.  Heck, you can even store your tax documents in there!

And to answer her first question…about the bagua — the answer is not so clear-cut.  You just want to pay attention to WHAT you are storing WHERE.  For example, if your love life bites, and you have a bunch of old photographs from your first marriage stored in the Romance section, guess what!  Not a good idea!  Similarly, if you are feel stuck in your Career and you have a ton of glue stored in your Career section, please move to your art section!  (Kind of kidding on that last one, but you get the idea.)

Got it?  Other than that, whatever makes sense aesthetically and logically should be okay as far as WHERE storage should be in the bagua.  

Another great question from an awesome gal!

Feel free to email me with YOUR feng shui questions and I may just choose it for Friday’s discussion.

Cheers!  Enjoy the weekend!

  • nadine

    thank you Katie! Love love love reading your blog and you answered my questions perfectly! I have a little more prioritizing to do and I also think I need to talk it through out loud, ie: name the things I am storing in each section, because sometimes saying it out loud, makes it hit home faster, like your glue example. I actually just realized that I DO have glue in my love section!

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