STATEMENT OF INTENTION:  We thank you in advance for your business and for taking the steps towards improving your space and therefore your life. We always intend to serve you in the best way possible and affirm that your investment return to you ten-fold and more.

Katie is limiting her 1:1 client base.  Your best opportunity to work with her is to sign up for the Feng Shui Odyssey where you get a complete “deep dive” on your home in this group transformational program.  Please check out the Classes page for more information.


Feng Shui consultations are customized to the client, and Katie offers a variety of packages.  On-site or via Skype/phone, Katie recommends a full 2-hour consultation to begin, which will include a general space clearing, a bagua mapping and a “walk-through” to assess the major issues and a follow-up session a few weeks later.  A session with Katie will improve your space in terms of feel and flow.

Please email for details on various packages customized to you.

*All Declutter and Interior Design packages must include a Feng Shui session to begin to set the tone for the process and engage on the energetic level as well as to determine the needs of the space and client.  Clients will need to fill out a questionnaire for any Feng Shui and Declutter sessions prior to meeting.


Clutter is the biggest Feng Shui no-no of all.   We will work with you in 3-hour time blocks to streamline your home or office and help you determine what to discard, donate, or sell.  Then we will organize the “keeps” in a way that fits your specific personality and lifestyle so that the results are long-lasting.  And yes, Marie Kondo is one of our biggest inspirations! (Minimum, 3 hours)

Also ask Katie about her Declutter Accountability Programs!  She will customize a plan for you and guide you through 6 months to a year of decluttering and organizing…that will last you a lifetime.  


Interior design plays a huge part of the Feng Shui of the home.  We will work on an hourly basis to provide solutions for your home that work for your lifestyle, from furniture shopping to paint and flooring selections.  We love working WITH the client so that the design advice is unique to your style and personality.  (Minimum 5 hours)


Feng Shui can help sell a home and fast.  We work with the agent and/or the owner to get properties moving.  On the other hand, if you are looking to buy a home, we offer assessments of the space before you commit to it.  She highly recommends space clearings when it comes to buying and selling!


For those of you who want to accentuate the eCourse experience without committing to a session with Katie, she offers a great deal to make sure you have the Bagua properly oriented to the property.  Please send her a to-scale drawing of each floor of the space, with the front entrance clearly marked via email at  (Bagua mapping included in some Feng Shui packages.)


For clients who choose to make major life changes and would like support and accountability, Katie is available for a series of Feng Shui, Reiki, and reading sessions over time to ensure the clients’ success in their desired outcome.  For the group experience of this, consider the Feng Shui Odyssey.


Katie created Color Readings to help clients tune into their deepest objectives and to help reveal blocks.  Color Readings combine color, feng shui, psychology, and the intuition in order to bring these subconscious influences to the client’s conscious mind to make the appropriate changes.  


Katie will “journey” and tune into your specific soul essence or archetype to receive powerful messages and insights for your soul growth.  When you know “who you are,” you can make clearer decisions and feel much more at peace with yourself.  Includes a write-up of the Journey and a 20-minute Skype with Katie.

REIKI TREATMENTs and Law Of Attraction sessions

Katie is a Reiki Master.  Her sessions last an hour, and usually include a powerful “reading” to help facilitate the client’s healing.  In general, Reiki is a healing modality discovered by a Japanese doctor, Dr. Usui, who was obsessed with understanding the way Jesus healed.  When meditating in a cave, he was blasted with light and symbols that we now know as Reiki to which he taught and passed down through the generations.

Katie will conduct 1-hour phone calls with you to help you have a personal and deeper understanding of how the LOA is operating in your life.


Katie loves to teach and is available to speak to audiences large and small.   Consider Katie for in-home parties or large corporate events to provide an entertaining and insightful look at our personal and work environments and the effect they have on you!  Email Katie with details.


Katie is an artist who works in several mediums, including acrylics and watercolors.  She is available on commission to paint customized works in alignment with your Feng Shui needs to help shift the energy in a beautiful and profound way in your space.


  • I've been buzzing since our [Reiki] session. I feel lighter and more clear. You are incredibly powerful, and I'm so grateful to have you as a support. Truly, yesterday meant more to me than you could ever know.

    Melissa S. Birmingham, AL
  • Katie’s 9-week Feng Shui course provided a valuable opportunity for us all to take a magical journey of self-discovery and change, using the art of Feng Shui to help bring about the changes I most desired in my life. Katie provided a wonderful supportive environment, intuitive guidance and practical tasks, which enabled us all to further explore ourselves and the weekly themes. Through absorbing the knowledge, the one-on-one sessions with Katie, and being open to change, I experienced various miraculous shifts over the 9-week journey, which I will carry forward with all of this new Feng Shui insight!   I would definitely recommend the course to those who a) have an interest in Feng Shui or b) want to bring about changes in their life somehow. The magic of arranging your space to bring magical changes to your life! It is a way of cleansing your environment both within and what surrounds you.   The course was way above par. I think Katie provided more than we bargained for with the variety of knowledge given during the calls, plus the exercises which took certain aspects of the Feng Shui knowledge to a deeper, more practical level. Plus I like what someone said in the last call: that Katie “went with the flow” and was guided on what best to present each call. Katie also quoted things from a variety of sources and didn’t keep it strictly Feng shui-only knowledge but still kept everything relevant.   It exceeded my expectations as it brought up things in me I didn’t know would come up.   I enjoyed the calls, the knowledge provided by Katie and the exercises each week, but my most favorite and FUN part were the one-on-one sessions I had with Katie. I got to engage with Katie on a more personal and deeper level than what we may be able to do during the calls. The energy between Katie and I is like two rainbows and the sun meeting simultaneously where all kinds of crazy color and energy just bursts out during the session like a shower of inspiration! The things we spoke about during the one-on-ones and my soul reading will stay with me.   There was a lot of knowledge shared by Katie and everyone else. I can’t help think that just showing up for the course and being open to change, has helped bring about a lot of what has happened…and I didn’t even do all of the exercises! Lol   So it just goes to show the power of being open and saying “yes” to such magical work.

    Madonna M. Quincy, MA
  • I was attracted to take Katie’s eCourse by the title: Declutter Your Way to Clarity. I felt that I needed both things. Plus, I liked the convenience of it being an online class (although I had never done this before), and the price was right. I liked the idea of receiving daily emails with instructions and support.   Even so, the course exceeded my expectations! Katie’s encouragement and all of the aspects that she covered -- not just our physical space but also our thoughts, feelings, and self-care -- allowed me to see a side of myself a little more objectively, and I was able to let go.   Katie’s coaching was phenomenal! She pushed the right amount. I decluttered a lot! I got rid of stuff and realized that I have this tendency to really hold onto things that I really don’t need. As a result, I saw a shadow side of myself that I had been denying: I always tend to take care of others, and I realized that I want attention too.   Now I don’t really need to hold on to so much “just in case.” Objects hold energy;   clearing is good for the flow in other areas of my life. THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Feng Shui is awesome! I would recommend this class because it was fantastic!

    Maria B. Charlotte, NC
  • She is like a character from a Pedro Almodovar film (if he did something in the American South).  She is mystical, hilarious, deeply soulful, and the closest thing I've ever met to a miracle worker.   Who the heck is she?   She is The Queen of Flow, Katie Rogers, my Feng Shui master.   And I'm telling you about her because she's freakin talented and one day she WILL Be famous and you will remember this email!   Many times each year, when I get stuck and the energy is not quite moving in the ways of money, love, career, health...   I will have a consultation with Katie to update the flow in my office and home. We move the art, change the lighting, clean the clutter. She lives in another city so we have our consultation over Skype.   Surely there are countless Feng Shui experts in NYC but I would never work with anyone else. Katie is the best and she makes it so fun!   AND IT JUST WORKS. EVERY SINGLE TIME.   As Katie writes, “Items in your space are either supporting you and moving you forward on a positive life path, or they are energetically holding you back and representing a block.   This is beautiful wisdom on how to let more light in your home and your life. It's practical, simple, and let me say it again, it just works!

    “Yeah Dave” New York, NY


We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful, functional space that feels great…

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