Clutter: What It Is & What To Do About It

CLUTTER!  Biggest feng shui no-no of ALL!

Here’s a peek at last night’s lecture on de-cluttering and organization:

The following lists are inspired and/or borrowed by Karen Kingston‘s book, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui, because why reinvent the wheel? — this book is GOOD.


1.     Things you do not use or love.
2.     Things that are untidy or disorganized.
3.     Too many things in too small a space.
4.     Anything unfinished.  
·      Make you tired and lethargic
·      Keep you in the past
·      Congest your body
·      Fear of being poor
·      Fear of living your true path
·      Fear of letting good things in your life
·      Can confuse you
·      Can affect the way people treat you – respect
·      Affect your weight
·      Can make you procrastinate
·      Can cause disharmony
·      Can make you feel ashamed
·      Can put your life on hold
·      Create excess baggage
·      Can depress you
·      Can make you more disorganized
·      Be a fire/health hazard
·      Cleaning takes longer
·      Having clutter can dull your sensitivity and enjoyment of life
·      Create undesirable symbology
·      Can cost you financially
·      Can distract you from important things – does your stuff own you?
·      Lack mentality- make you poorer
·      Stuck in your woundology – identifying with a sad part of your life
1.  Get rid of it.  No really.  JUST GET RID OF IT.
2.  Organize it. (From Sharon Stasney:  Decide if the item is Priority 1 — needs to be accessible easily and often; Priority 2 — still needs to be accessible but not, say, on the countertop; Priority 3 — doesn’t have to be readily accessible — can be in more of a storage type space.  Then give the item a “home” accordingly!)

Again, it’s just a peek, but hopefully an inspiring one.  Now get to it!

IF YOU WANT MORE, then click HERE to learn more about this 27-day online Declutter Your Way to Clarity course that I offer.  It’ll give you a kick in the pants so that you’ll never want to live with clutter again! Fun, easy, and good stuff.

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