Bringing in the Green — How Plants Can Help Your $ Grow

There’s positive chi (energy) and there’s negative chi.

In feng shui, you want positive!

Examples of things that promote good chi:
Good lighting
Good air circulation
…and PLANTS!

Whether you buy a weekly fresh bouquet of flowers, or you have an active green thumb and it shows in your home, plants are not only cleaning the air and providing oxygen, they add beauty and life.

cover the plant and flowers up with your finger…..can you see how much difference it makes?!

Furthermore, plants represent the element of  Wood, which symbolizes growth, ideas, and expansion.  So if you’re feeling stuck, go buy a plant!

Some to consider:
Lucky bamboo
Money trees
Anything easy to grow 
Anything that you can keep alive!

wall art + herbs = genius
Plants to generally avoid:
Cactus (the prickles are harmful chi)
Dried flower arrangements (weak chi)
Anything with sharp, pointy leaves

And lookie!  You can even bring an entire tree inside with a little creativity!

you gotta love an indoor tree — your own personal oxygenator!

If you are familiar with the Bagua map, you know where your Money and Family sections are.  These sections are ruled by the Wood element, so go for it with the plants there!  It will help your money grow, and it will ensure you have happy, healthy familial relationships with your extended family and ancestors.

Color.  Just gorgeous color.

Please note, all photos are borrowed from the blog: Homedit.  Check out their page for other indoor plant ideas. xo

I mean…doesn’t adding some “green” just make these places FEEL more abundant?  And how a place feels is Feng Shui 101.   Abundance yields abundance, so green it up!

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