Predictions! Year of the Wood Dragon

The Year of the Wood Dragon is upon us.  Every year, I do a meditation and tap into the messages to see what’s in store and what the new energies of the year are bringing. Here are my [...]


Before & After

I had a fun opportunity last month to help a friend.  Andrea Dapkus, an interior designer here in Birmingham, called me on a Sunday night to say, “Hey, you know how E. is going in the [...]


Predictions for Year of the Rabbit

Welcome, Rabbit! 🐇 Every year, I do a meditation for the upcoming year to share with you all.  This is the Year of the Rabbit.  Please know that these “predictions” are a [...]


Predictions for the Year of the Rabbit ~ 2023

Katie’s annual Lunar New Year meditation Year of the Rabbit Bunnies live in burrows, which symbolizes going within.  It’ll be a year of nurturing one’s self, taking care of one’s self, and [...]


Improving your Money Mindset Using Feng Shui

We hear this term often:  MINDSET But what does it really mean?  Dictionary.com defines it as:  “the established set of attitudes held by someone.”   Verywellmind.com takes it further [...]

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