9 Feng Shui Things You Probably Already Do

1.  Cleaning.  Yes, cleaning counts A TON.  A clean house welcomes in the good chi and allows the energy to circulate happily.  You will feel healthier and happier in a clean house, because guess what, it promotes health and happiness!

2.  De-cluttering.  We all know that AHHH feeling when we get rid of clothes, toys, and anything else that is just taking up precious space in our homes.  In feng shui, new and good opportunities can better enter our lives when we “create a vacuum” and let go of that which no longer serves us.  Here’s to “out with the old, in with the new!”  It works!

3.  Creating a lovely front entrance.  The ever-powerful Mouth of Chi.  That’s what the front door is referred to in feng shui.  It’s where “the breath of life” comes in (hence, “mouth”).  When it’s pleasant and inviting with a nice cheerful welcome mat, again, it symbolizes saying to the Universe:  “Hello, please come in and bring good things with you!”  Wouldn’t YOU want to walk into the doors below???  So does Good Energy!


4.  Using the front door.  Yes, even the very practice of using your front door is good feng shui!  Think about it — you can’t eat with your mouth shut all the time, right?  Neither can good energy come into your home if you never use your front door.


5.  Making up your bed.  The subconscious loves ritual.  So even the easy ritual of making up your bed every morning sends the message to your Self that sleepy time is over and play/daytime has begun!  Plus it makes your bedroom feel good.


6.  Straightening up before you go to bed at night.  When the things are put away, the dishes are done, the curtains are closed, and the desks are cleared off, you have a better chance for a good night’s sleep because these little tasks are not tugging on your subconscious.  Double duty:  when you wake up to a clean, tidied home, your psyche is ready for more important things so that your energy can go towards the fun stuff.

7.  Putting flowers around the house.  Fresh, wonderful flowers add color, life, scent, and beauty to the home.  Definitely good feng shui!

8.  Lighting a candle.  Don’t you just love the warmth of a great-smelling candle.  You are promoting good energy by bringing in light, movement, color, and again aroma….especially if the candle is in your Self-Expression or Romance section of the bagua!

9.  Closing the toilet lid.  Okay, so maybe this isn’t something you already do, but you should!  The toilet represents a downward energy into no-man’s land that could just be sucking all that good energy down if you leave the lid open.  Plus, it’s just more pleasing to have the lid closed.  So keep a hold on your money and good luck by making this simple act a habit in your household.

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  • Blair Bright

    My master bath is in the money section of my house. I took Katie's advice, and I put that toilet lid down. I had actually been making fun of a friend for this practice two days before, insinuating that his wife and child had defeated him in the battle of the bathroom. I'm the fool. I got a call from a new client within an hour of lowering the lid.

  • Perle

    If not for feng shui, then consider studies that show flushing an open toilet spews bacteria throughout the room and test further showed fecal matter on surfaces including toothbrushes. I've always closed mine.

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