9 Feng Shui Cures to Alleviate Depression

When a client calls complaining of depression, I already have a good sense of what their home is going to look like.  Depression manifests itself in the décor of a home in very specific ways.  The good news is that when you shift items in a space, the psyche takes cues and follows suit.  Therefore, whether you are having a minor bout of the blues, or your depression is more serious, please continue with the therapy, healthy diet, rest, and other “cures,” but use feng shui!  It’s a must to help the process along.

1.     Lighten up, literally.  If the space isn’t getting enough natural light, this could be “keeping you in the dark.”   After all, there is a source of the depression and bringing that into the consciousness will help tremendously!  Open the curtains and windows and let the sunshine in.  Replace fluorescent bulbs with those that mimic natural light.  Bring in mirrors to reflect more light into the home.  Place lamps in those dark corners.
2.     Change the color scheme.  Dark, heavy colors have their place, but too much of it can be affecting you.  Again, go lighter and brighter.  Yellow is the chosen color for “cheerful” for a reason.  Even a pop of it goes a long way!  Avoid too much of “the blues.”  Pick colors that resonate with the buried-deep joy within you, and use those.
 I’m not sure if anyone could be sad in this room!  (Source
3.     Remove heavy items.  Make sure you have a balance of light and heavy to help you feel grounded, but not weighted down.  Even the appearance of a significantly heavy item sends messages to your psyche.  Replace furniture that has that burdensome feel with something fresh, light, and modern to help lighten you up.  Curtains, sofas, coffee table, armoires – it all counts.
4.     Lift items up.  Depressed people tend to collect things low to the ground.  They even hang their artwork too low or have plants that are droopy.  Rehang artwork and buy plants with a more “uplifting” silhouette to keep from feeling “low.” 
5.     Clear the clutter!  This one is the #1 feng shui cure of all time.  Items hold energy.  If a person is keeping significant items that subconsciously remind them of bad times (or even good times if there is a desire to relive the past) or because they are afraid that they won’t manifest something better, it’s going to have a major negative effect on their psyche and their lives. Get really honest with yourself about each and every item in your home, and get rid of anything and everything that you don’t use or love. 
6.     Make sure your furniture fits.  If your furniture is too big for your space, then you don’t have room to grow, and depression could set in.  On the other hand, if the furniture doesn’t fill the space appropriately, it could send signals of “void,” “incompletion,” or “loneliness.”  Rearrange and get rid of!
7.     No dead things.  Dead things (yes, even that flower bouquet you caught at your BFF’s wedding) don’t exactly have the highest vibration, now do they?  Replace with LIFE, and feel the difference.
The live plants and flowers add so much to this already WAY vibrant room (Source)
8.  Assess your artwork.  Weird and dark might be cool, but how is it affecting you subconsciously?  Just don’t do it.  Put it this way:  I don’t care how much a Picasso costs, I probably wouldn’t hang it in my home.  
Just don’t do it.  (Weeping Woman by Picasso Source)
9.     Do the self-work.  Sign up for therapy.  Do yoga. Record your dreams.  Read uplifting books.  Catch yourself in negative thinking.  You must do the work!  They say depression is anger turned inward.  Consider that in a big way and how pointless and destructive that is.  Journal your butt off!  Acknowledge your feelings, and allow yourself to feel them no matter how uncomfortable they may be.  Go through the ugly in order to get to the other side.
Look.  I’m not going to promise that feng shui can “cure” your depression entirely, but it can get you in the right direction, because when you make changes in your environment, especially with the intention of getting to the root of your depression or any other issue, you are sending powerful messages to your subconscious.   Miracles in the form of ah-ha moments, “lucky” synchronistic situations, and full-blown breakthroughs will begin to occur.  There will be moments that make you uneasy and times when you don’t want to clear the clutter or paint the room.  Do it anyway.   Even a teeny-tiny change can shift a person out of the funk and onto a clearer and happier path. 
It’s up to you! 
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