5 Reasons This Painting is Going to Make My Friend Rich

I love when someone falls in love with something they want in their home…and it just happens to be amazing feng shui as well.

A dear friend of mine has her kitchen in the Money section of her home (the back left of the housewhen facing in from the front door — See Bagua post).  Right now, above her sink, she has a cool graphic print of an airplane, that is, well, questionable feng shui because it is pointing down.  Cool prints don’t always make for cool feng shui.  The almost-crashing plane in the Money section is one such example.

Well, the Universe provides, right?

Because a friend of hers was “cleaning house” and didn’t have any place for this beauty here, and she offered to sell it to my friend for an extremely decent price.

It portrays the floating market in Bangkok, bought from a street artist in Phuket, Thailand
(Please excuse the poor quality photograph– will try to get a better pic soon, as this one deserves it!)

My friend emailed me:  “I want this so badly, but is it good feng shui?!”  She LOVES it, but she wanted to make sure it was okay for the Money section of her home.

I called her immediately:  “You’re going to get rich if you hang this one up!  Get it!”

She laughed loudly, as did I, and we talked about going on a fun spa trip with all the new money she’s going to be bringing in.  (I’m writing this here to hold her to it — haha!)

Okay, so why?  Why does this work?

Few reasons:
1.  Symbolism.   See how the “market trinkets” fill the baskets like tempting jewels practically overflowing in abundance?  And how the hats sparkle like coins?  Even the ripples on the water resemble money.  And it seems as though pearls are surfacing and sparkling from beneath the water.  And of course there is the beautiful gold mandala in the middle that just yells out “rich!”  This painting represents abundance in so many ways, that it’s a joy for this feng shui consultant to reflect upon!

2.  Color.  Golds, reds, greens, and the clear blue are all great colors in the Money section!  Again, jewel tones and more jewel tones.

3.  Flow.  Water in the Money section is generally pretty great (as long as it’s not a stormy sea or a leak in the ceiling), as it a) symbolizes flow, hence a good flow of money, and b) the Money section is ruled by the element of Wood, and Water feeds Wood (think: plants need water to grow).  The river seems to have a nice, clean flow to it.  Wouldn’t you want your money to flow nicely and cleanly?

4.  Upward movement.  In this painting, there is an upward movement as if the boats are coasting up.  (The medallion brings the eye towards it, and because it is placed more towards the top of the painting, the energy most definitely goes that way.)  Because my friend will be putting it above the sink, this is especially important.  Sinks have drains, which are a downward motion, and unless cured, can represent money going down the drain.  Because of the bright, happy, and upward energy of this painting, it will counteract the downward pull of the drain, …and well, take her money to new heights!

5.  Love.  Best of all, my friend loves this painting.  She has an affinity for Thailand, has visited there on happy jobs, and in short, the painting makes her heart and soul sing.  To see this every morning as she’s making her morning tea will start every day on a high note — and that, my friends, is what good feng shui is all about!

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