5 Really Simple Feng Shui Cures You Can Do Right Now

1.  Tidy up, organize, and clean.  (Even if it’s one drawer, it counts!)

2.  Just move something — anything — if you’re feeling stuck in your life.

3.  Get rid of the things that are holding you back energetically.  (i.e. a gift from an ex; clothing that doesn’t fit; the bedspread you haven’t used in 7 years; stuff, stuff, and more stuff.)  (Even if it’s one thing, it counts!)

4.  Set an intention.  (Light a candle, paint a wall, dance a dance — all while focusing on what you want.)

5.  Make a list of things around the house (and otherwise) that are “irritating” you.  Choose one to take care of this week.  For the rest, imagine that a magical helper is going to take care of all of those other things for you, and thank him or her for that.  And watch these things get “magically” done!  Be sure to cross them out when so!

How’s that for simple?

Now, go!

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