2016: Year of Fire Monkey ~ What to Expect

On February 8th, 2016, the Year of the Fire (Red) Monkey commences.

We are moving away from the Wood Sheep into the more active energy of the Fire Monkey, where we will be inspired to use our ingenuity and intellect to create more fulfilling lives, all while having a good time doing it!

Monkeys relate to mischief, so there is a bit of a warning to be aware of any “monkey business” that may be going on in your life. The Monkey heighten that sort of energy, causing chaos if you’ve been avoiding that aspect!  Much like the Heyoka, or trickster, in Native American lore, the Monkey asks us to take a good look at ourselves. This year we’ll be witnessing where we take ourselves too seriously, and sometimes those lessons can come as a bit of a blow…well, because we are taking ourselves too seriously.   Remember, the trickster’s gift is that we get to pexels-photo-2laugh at ourselves at the end of the day! Monkey reminds us that a life void of play is not much of a life at all. Get ready for some color and fun and liveliness. While last year’s Sheep was a little more slow to act and a bit more responsible, Monkey will remind you that there are plenty of festivities to be had. The flip side of that is that you may spend too much or carry on a bit foolishly, so be sure to find some balance.

The Fire element only fuels Monkey’s antics. Think of a chimp on speed. While this energy can be highly entertaining, it can also be frenetic, so again, temper this year’s energy with discipline (when needed), rest and even retreat, possibly by water in order to douse the Fire when it gets too much.

Of course, harnessing the energy of the Fire Monkey by running with creative ideas and remaining light-hearted on a daily basis could propel you forward in all areas of your life, given that this is a very Yang energy. Monkey encourages us to collaborate and socialize with people with like spirits, in work and outside of work. And while Monkey seems to be all play, they are actually really great at “getting things done,” so don’t let this year’s energy fool you that work will fall by the wayside. The opposite is true. In fact, you may finally have the energy to take some much-desired risks that didn’t feel right up until now.

For the most part, the Year of the Fire Monkey is going to be about people, laughter, and having fun. It will be a high energy year, full of surprises, so my advice is to roll with it, don’t take anything too seriously, let yourself laugh and play, and be wary of anything that seems too good to be true. And, please, schedule in some rest and relaxation to avoid insomnia, burn out, or manic episodes.  There can be too much of a good thing, so be sure to take care of you!

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