Music for a Higher Vibe

We all know how a good song can shift our mood, right?  After all, sound IS vibration.  Shift the energy in your home (or in this case, your car) and you’ll feel immediate results! [...]


A Kundalini Yoga Demonstration by Kewal Nam

I love yoga, and I particularly love Kundalini Yoga.  Kundalini is a branch of yoga using breath, meditation, poses, and chanting.  It can be a little (okay…very) strange to those who [...]


Rainbow Magic in the Home

I have a special affinity for rainbows.  My friends know to text or call me right away if there’s one hanging around outside.  And I seem to find them in the strangest of places, at the [...]


Easy Feng Shui Cure for $$$ & Reputation Using Your Wallet

This is such an easy and fun cure!  See how you can feel more prosperous with these easy Feng Shui adjustments.  Your wallet has energy too!


A Feng Shui Cure for Harmonious Family Relationships

With the holidays upon us, we could all use any help we can get to ensure harmonious relations between family members, right?  Here’s a little fun Feng Shui tip that will infuse those [...]

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