Is This Painting Good Feng Shui For $$$?

Here was the question:Hey Katie!  My parents gave me this drawing when they downsized. I love this artist, love the drawing (it’s all pencil!), and love the way it is framed. But it is [...]


My Surprising Insomnia Cure

About two months ago, I quit sleeping.  Not altogether, mind you, but I was only getting about three to four hours a night.  And I’m an eight-hour-a-night gal.  At least! It was [...]


Clutter: What It Is & What To Do About It

CLUTTER!  Biggest feng shui no-no of ALL! Here’s a peek at last night’s lecture on de-cluttering and organization: The following lists are inspired and/or borrowed by Karen [...]


Feng Shui for the New Year

Who doesn’t love a new beginning?   Luckily, those of us who practice feng shui or honor Eastern cultures have two chances to celebrate New Year’s!  First on the traditional [...]

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