Why Going Green May Be the Most Important Feng Shui Cure of All

Last night I gave my first “Green” Feng Shui lecture at the library in Homewood, Alabama.  Here are the highlights as well as my inspirations along the path of living [...]


“Sex & the City” Had Feng Shui All Over It!

I indulged in a few re-runs of Sex & the City this weekend.   Total guilty, girly pleasure, but it must be done on occasion, right? Source It was the episode (episodes– they run [...]


Awesome Feng Shui Books

Perhaps you want a little more info on feng shui?  Well, there are some great books out there to get you started.  Below are a few I recommend.  All these authors use the Tibetan [...]


Where Oh Where Are Your House Numbers?

So….what’s going on with your house numbers? Are your they displayed clearly…or are they practically non-existent? If FedEx can’t find your house, chances are that [...]


Feng Shui is Not Perfection

My new friend, who had never been to my home, said to me, “Your feng shui stuff is kind of intimidating.” I was like, what?!  How? “Well, I mean, isn’t your home, [...]

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