Why Would Anyone Give Up Their Car?

As the Kickstarter campaign wraps up today (success!), I thought I’d share my most “thoughtful” blog from the 80 Day experiment of going car-less (and with zero carbon [...]


Birmingham Bike Treasures & Ava’s First Ride

So I bought a bike!  If you are looking for a used in Birmingham, call me, because I have got your hook-up!  This guy’s basement is a treasure chest of bicycles — road [...]


Pride, Prejudice, & the Bus Ride in the Bad Part of Los Angeles

This blog was written when I was about 60 days into the 80-day attempt to emit zero carbons into the atmosphere for the documentary I’m making called CarLess in L.A.  Contribute to the [...]


Blog from the CarLess Days

Here is one of the many blog posts from the 80 days without a car in Los Angeles….    You can substitute just about any city for “Los Angeles” as you read.  Also, [...]


The Poem that Foreshadowed CarLess in LA

While I was shooting CarLess in L.A., I had a blog going — here is a portion of it, re-published.  For more blogging during the 80 days, go Here.   Flashback:I grew up in [...]

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