DIY Feng Shui Kits at Escape Spa in B’ham!

This is Escape Day Spa in Crestline Village in Birmingham.  Isn’t it cute? This is Carrie.  She is co-owner of Escape Day Spa in Crestline Village in Birmingham.  Isn’t [...]


Confession #3– CarLess in ALABAMA????

So like I said, I’ve been busy. Confession Number One: I got feng shui‘d (i.e. got organized).Confession Number Two: I got certified as an arborist. What’s my confession today? [...]


My Second “Confession” – Earth Day Tribute!

Flowers on a Japanese or saucer magnolia tree Last post, I admitted that I had a few projects going on.  The first was Organizing My Home Like Crazy. The Second?You are now reading the words [...]


Confessions of a Feng Shui Consultant, Part I (with GREEN tips)

What have I been doing? Not blogging obviously!  I’ve been busy, busy, busy laying some big, fat foundations.  There have been three big projects going on in my personal world. [...]


Art and How It Can Make Your Dreams Come True

Today’s Living Social Deal inspired this post.  $15 for $30 of artwork.  Curious (I have a blank wall or two, and I’m due for some changes in my home), I clicked on the link [...]

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